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[] Re: Hopefully the final word on about files and license files for Europa (and future releases)

For Europa a simple email to the mailing list will be fine. The emails are archived and public and thus will substitute for a file.
I anticipate that for Ganymede we will have a better solution of some kind and I pledge to extract the data from the emails you all have sent and put it into that new format, whatever that might be. Thus we have:
  • Easy solution now (email)
  • No pain for you if we switch to something else in the future (because I'll do the copy-convert-paste)
- Bjorn

Nick Boldt wrote:
Should this statement live in CVS somewhere, like in
/cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/.../project-info/, along with all the other
accumulated project meta we've been asked to produce over the years?

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