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[] Hopefully the final word on about files and license files for Europa (and future releases)

Europa Team Leads,
The tool that I put in place to check the about and license files has had the wrong net effect. I apologize for that and for the ill will it created. The intent of the tool was to verify that each project lead had reviewed their about and license files - that the files exist and that their contents are correct. So... version 2 of the process and tool is:

(1) Each project lead or PMC lead will send an email to the mailing list saying:
I certify that all features and plug-ins of project <project name> contain the correct legal documentation. Specifically, that the terms and conditions governing Plug-ins and Fragments are contained in files named "about.html" and that the terms and conditions governing Features and Included Features are contained in files named "license.html". I certify that I have reviewed these legal files for the following features and plug-ins:

org.eclipse.foobar 1.2.0
org.eclipse.tweedle.core 3.7.1
org.eclipse.dee.ui 9.9.0
<plug-in or feature id> <version number>
...entire list...

<your signature>
This level of detail (plug-ins and versions) is required as an additional check (sort of a signature in triplicate) that the reviews have actually been done. (There have, unfortunately, been cases in the past where the blanket "all reviews have been done" statement has been made but later turned out to be false - a sufficient number of them that we now require this extra level of detail.)

(2) The revised tool will check for two things: (a) it will check the existence of the license.html and about.html files and (b) the non-existence of any plug-ins and features not listed in the emails from (1).  In other words, the revised tool will report errors if:
  • a plug-in does not have an about.html
  • a plug-in not mentioned in an email has an about.html (the assumption being that if the plug-in is not mentioned, it has not been reviewed)
  • a feature does not have a feature.html
  • a feature not mentioned in an email has a license.html (the assumption being that if the feature is not mentioned, it has not been reviewed)
This will roll out for RC3 so please do the necessary reviews (you should already have done so in order to create the Release Review slides - due today) and send those assertion emails to the mailing list by this Friday so that I can incorporate your lists into the checker tool.
- Bjorn

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