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[] Re: Europa RC1 build failed due to DTP

Yes, sorry about that third problem - that's because the Europa-matic stops at the first phase of the build that it encounters errors. Thus other build errors in other projects were masking the DTP feature file error until all those other problems were solved. I'm already at work designing the Ganymede-o-matic for next year that (a) won't have the masking problem and (b) will be able to be run on your own development boxes/build machines so that you can test the Ganymede build before releasing your bits.
Finally, there was a third assumption at play in the last problem. DTP
pushed RC1 out to Europa on schedule (5/23), and silence in reported errors
from the Europa update site from 5/23 to 5/25 was taken as a sign that the
+1 level was being built correctly. So, we were surprised when the failure
was first noted post +2, but again, that was our bad assumption. We now
know to look for potential problems from the Europa build at any time post
our +1 promotions.

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