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[] Re: Europa RC1 build failed due to DTP

Its probably worth sharing the defect injection analysis we did for these
recent DTP bugs, because the faulty assumptions on our side that we
uncovered might help others on the release train.

>From 5/23 -- 5/27, DTP deliveries to Europa experienced three problems. The
first, found around 5/22 and fixed on 5/23 was simply a matter of bad
timing on our part: we believed that the Europa RC0 cycle was complete, and
removed the DTP 1.5RC0 features/plugins from our update site (along with a
lot of older stuff too) to save space. Since we were testing RC1 and
planned to update the features-dtp file when complete (the next day), the
additional RC0 spin caught us unprepared. It was sort of like a project
management off-by-one error. Our faulty assumption here was about the
endpoint of the RC0 cycle, and in the future we'll just leave milestone
features/plugins on the update site until  the official release is made.

Next, there were two other issues in rapid succession due to errors in
feature definitions. These happened suddenly as a result of work done
(BZ185820) to re-organize/extend the DTP feature definitions to make it
easier for end-users/adopters to install slices of DTP as they wish. In
doing so, we stared to use optional features, something which we didn't
have experience with before. Our faulty assumption in these cases was about
how the Update Manager handles errors in optional features, so we were not
looking for all of the right indicators in our acceptance tests. We now
know what to look for (or so we think), and hence we have much more
confidence with our ability to test this new feature set.

Finally, there was a third assumption at play in the last problem. DTP
pushed RC1 out to Europa on schedule (5/23), and silence in reported errors
from the Europa update site from 5/23 to 5/25 was taken as a sign that the
+1 level was being built correctly. So, we were surprised when the failure
was first noted post +2, but again, that was our bad assumption. We now
know to look for potential problems from the Europa build at any time post
our +1 promotions.

So, there you have it: a series of unfortunate events that resulted in a
bumpy ride on the release train for this stretch. The interplay between
assumptions two (how UM deals with optional features) and three (Europa
builds) also helped to obscure the problem, until it became painfully
obvious enough to make Bjorn grumpy.  :-)

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

             05/27/2007 09:57          Bjorn Freeman-Benson                
             PM                        <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx>  
                                       Cross project issues                
                                       rg>, "" 
                                       Re: Europa RC1 build failed due to  
                                       DTP(Document link: John Graham)     


The feature definition has been corrected on the DTP update site.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

             <bjorn.freeman-be                                          To 
             nson@xxxxxxxxxxx>         ""      
             05/26/2007 12:53>, Cross project issues       
             PM                        <cross-project-issues-dev@eclipse.o 
                                       rg>, John Graham                    
                                       Europa RC1 build failed due to DTP  

John (cc everyone),
The Europa RC1 build has failed again due to DTP. Specifically, on your
update site,


contains an incorrect feature id:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><feature id="
image="eclipse_update_120.jpg" label="%featureName"
provider-name="%providerName" version="">

Notice that the id is "...feature.mysql" and the filename is

Please fix this latest problem in the DTP builds so that we can get a good
Europa RC1. Note that I am holding up the RC1 released until you have fixed
DTP because when I built the RC0 without DTP a number of projects could not
test because they rely on DTP.

- Bjorn

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