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RE: [] Europa M6 test results for DSDP-TM

Hi Bjorn,
Filing that one under cross-projects effectively means that nobody is going to fix it (realistically). You should probably file it against a specific project (Platform?). 
I was glad to see tha Kim proved you wrong :-) Thanks Kim :-) 
I'd like to see more frequent builds into the staging site, at a clearly defined time.
E.g. every night at 5:00am Ottawa time
Um, why would this be useful? Not that I'm against it, but it's just more work for me to set it up. There's not much point in running the build unless something has changed - are you just trying to avoid having to tell me when things have changed? 
It's my experience with I-builds that it is helpful to know when they happen (such that I can know at what time I can safely check in something to make sure it is part of the next build and/or it will not break anything. I was always wondering what would happen if a Europa build was ongoing and trying to pick up my features in the short timeframe between updating my site and updating my features-dsdp-tm.xml file. I consider Europa builds similar to I-builds. Frequent builds to the Staging site allow to test interoperability (especially with UM "Select Required"). 
I f I had known that a Europa build would happen daily, I had submitted pre-release versions of TM for integration test on the staging site before the actual TM milestone build.   
As it was, I   didn't want to bother you with such pre-release builds and not  give the impression that anything is being "released" yet.
It was my impression that a cronjob running daily at a given time might even be less work than you having to manually kick off the builds?
But if the community prefers on-demand builds only, I'm fine with that too (and might ask for builds more frequently in the future).

If possible, TM would want to resubmit to M6 (with a DSDP-TM M6a build) in order to fix
issues with our EFS provider.
Sure, no problem, check the bits in, update the features-dsdp-tm.xml file, and let me know - I'll respin the build.
Done, TM site is prepared with 2.0M6a bits and ready for respin.
Thaks a lot!
Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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