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Re: [] Europa M6 test results for DSDP-TM

Thanks for filing those bugs.
Filing that one under cross-projects effectively means that nobody is going to fix it (realistically). You should probably file it against a specific project (Platform?).
Other things I'd like to request for the next iteration
The code is checked in and the result will be visible in the next-next build (the next build is currently running and did not pick up the code).
  • I'd like to see more frequent builds into the staging site, at a clearly defined time.
    E.g. every night at 5:00am Ottawa time
Um, why would this be useful? Not that I'm against it, but it's just more work for me to set it up. There's not much point in running the build unless something has changed - are you just trying to avoid having to tell me when things have changed?
If possible, TM would want to resubmit to M6 (with a DSDP-TM M6a build) in order to fix
issues with our EFS provider.
Sure, no problem, check the bits in, update the features-dsdp-tm.xml file, and let me know - I'll respin the build.

- Bjorn

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