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MDT OCL and EMFT-QTV ready for Europa M5 [was Re: [] Latest Europa build results - CDT, Corona, STP, WTP still have red results]

Hi, all,

I have updated the features-*.xml, updateMirrorAll.xml, site.xml, and site-byProject.xml for the M5 builds of MDT OCL and EMF Query, Transaction, and Validation.


In merging your STP contribution with my changes, I removed the following lines from the site.xml and site-byProject.xml which I assume were introduced by some diff tool and would corrupt the manifests:

   <<<<<<< site.xml
   <<<<<<< site-byProject.xml


I have renamed features-emft.xml (which previously only contained the Query, Transaction, and Validation components) as features-emf-qtv.xml to better reflect that.  Also, both EMFT-QTV and MDT OCL now provide only a single End-User and a single Extender feature to reduce the complexity of the update site.  The EMF-QTV components are collectively called "EMF Data Integrity Frameworks."



Christian W. Damus
Component Lead, Eclipse
IBM Rational Software

Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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02/15/07 07:27 PM

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[] Latest Europa build results - CDT, Corona, STP, WTP still have red results

Europa people,
The latest Europa build results are on the staging site:

CDT and WTP need to update the org.eclipse.europa.updatesite/WebContent/site.xml file.

Corona and STP need to provide everything (features and site.xml).
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