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[] Europa planning

Europa People,
While the subject of what to name the next coordinate release continues to be hotly debated, we (collectively) should probably being our coordinated planning for (what is still called) Europa.  I have updated the web and wiki pages to deprecate Callisto and have added new Europa pages: and I suggest we use the wiki as much as possible as we can all edit/improve/collaborate with it.

If you would like to be part of the Europa effort this year, please reply to me (just to me, not to the list) with a set of good times for regular conference calls. We'll start with once a month and then increase the frequency in January and then again as the end looms.
 I will attempt to solve the impossible set of date-time constraints that you all send me.

We will also (of course), be meeting in person in Esslingen October 11th.

Please send your good call times to me by Friday, September 1st (two weeks). Thank you.

- Bjorn

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