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Subject: [tptp-news] Announcing Eclipse TPTP Leadership Changes


We recently announced release of TPTP 4.2 (part of the Callisto cross-Eclipse release in June) and plan to move forward with our follow-on TPTP 4.2.1 and TPTP 4.3 releases.  Along with these next steps forward, we are excited to announce the following changes to the TPTP leadership that has been in place since TPTP inception two years ago.


Srinivas (Sri) Doddapaneni is the new TPTP PMC Lead replacing the resigning Tyler Thessin.  Sri has been contributing to the project over the past couple of years as Project Committer and more recently as TPTP Platform Project Lead.

Additionally, for greater efficiency we are streamlining the TPTP PMC by reducing membership to Srinivas Doddapaneni, Harm Sluiman, and Mike Norman.  The bulk of the project planning work is now more clearly delegated to the TPTP Planning Group which includes Project Leads and Group Chairpersons.

TPTP Project Leads:

Christophe Telep is the new TPTP Platform Project Lead replacing Srinivas Doddapaneni.  Christophe has been contributing to TPTP as Project Lead for the Testing Tools and Tracing & Profiling Tools Projects.

Paul Slauenwhite is the new TPTP Testing Tools Project Lead replacing Christophe Telep.  Paul has been contributing to the project as Project Committer.

Guru Nagarajan is the new TPTP Tracing & Profiling Project Lead replacing Christophe Telep.  Guru has been contributing to the project as Project Committer.

Dave Smith continues as the TPTP Monitoring Tools Project Lead.

TPTP Group Chairpersons:

We have decided to disband our TPTP Marketing Group.  Going forward, the PMC Lead and each company separately through their direct involvement will coordinate with the Eclipse Marketing Committee.

Christophe Telep is the new TPTP Requirements Group Chairperson replacing Mike Norman.  Representation to the Eclipse Requirements Council occurs via each TPTP Strategic Member company representative.

Valentina Popescu is the new TPTP Architecture Group Chairperson replacing Harm Sluiman.  Valentina will continue to work closely with Harm Sluiman who will continue to represent TPTP to the Eclipse Architecture Council.

Srinivas Doddapaneni is the new TPTP Planning Group Chairperson replacing Tyler Thessin and will represent TPTP to the Eclipse Planning Council.

These changes have been approved by the TPTP PMC and TPTP Project Committers and EMO where applicable and are effective immediately.  Additional bios for the TPTP leadership can be found here.

We are indebted to Tyler Thessin's leadership in the transition from the original Hyades project to the TPTP PMC, establishing Intel's leadership of the PMC within the then newly-independent Eclipse Foundation, and leading the delivery of Hyades 3.x and TPTP 4.x releases. We also thank Ling Yao for her contributions in leading the TPTP Marketing Group during TPTP’s early stages, and we thank Christophe Telep and Dave Smith for their contributions to the TPTP PMC and look forward to their continued contributions to the TPTP Planning Group.

The new PMC, Project Leads and Group Chairpersons are looking forward to taking the TPTP project forward.

Sri Doddapaneni (on behalf of the TPTP Leadership)
PMC Lead | Eclipse TPTP Project |
Engineering Manager | Intel Corporation / Developer Products Division |


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