Eclipse Test & performance tools platform project
Project Management Committee
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Project Management Committee

The Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform Project is managed by a Project Management Committee (PMC). The work of the Top Level Project is organized into Projects, each with its own Project Lead who is responsible for its success. Where appropriate, larger Projects may be further divided into Subsystems, each with its own Lead.

As with any Eclipse Project, this Project will be a meritocracy. We will welcome to the Project all participants who are able to make the requisite commitment and contribution, and will assign responsibility accordingly over time.

Please direct communications addressed to the PMC to mailing list. A number of other mailing lists and a newsgroup eclipse.tptp are available for getting involved. (NOTE: The mailing lists and newsgroup are password protected for spam-protection. If you don't already have an Eclipse news server password you will need to get one ).

PMC Members

Sri Doddapaneni
Dr. Sri Doddapaneni is an engineering manager for Intel Software Development Products at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for common infrastructure for performance, threading, and quality tools. He started with Intel in 2000 and for the first four years led software development tools for Intel cellular and handheld processors. He has over 15 years of experience developing compilers, and various tools such as debuggers, profilers, emulators and runtime libraries. Sri holds a B.Tech.(Honors) from Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur and a PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology, both in computer science. He has published reviewed research papers in various leading conferences in the areas of compiler optimizations, distributed systems, and tools for embedded systems. Sri was granted three patents in distributed systems and has four patent applications pending in the area of software tools and computer architecture. Sri serves as the TPTP PMC Lead and serves as the Chairperson of the TPTP Planning Group and is the TPTP representative to the Eclipse Planning Council.

Mike Norman
Dr. Norman is CEO and founder of Scapa Technologies, an independent vendor of application performance testing, diagnosis and monitoring software. In 1990, he co-founded the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre at the University of Edinburgh where he led the Centre's Research Group. From 1994 to 1999, he founded and ran a specialist IT consultancy and analyst company, Makespan Ltd. Dr. Norman holds a BSc degree in Physiology from the University of London, and both an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh. His specialist interest is the scalability and performance of server-based computer systems, an area in which he is the author of dozens of scientific papers. He initiated the original Eclipse Hyades project at the Eclipse Board of Stewards in September 2002 and led it through to Version 3.0 in June 2004. During 2004 he worked with a broad range of stakeholders to propose an Eclipse PMC for Test and Performance which would incorporate the Hyades project. Mike is a member of the PMC.

Harm Sluiman
Harm Sluiman is a senior development manager for Autonomic Computing tools as well as Rational Test and Performance Tools at the IBM Toronto Lab. He was responsible for database, test, trace and performance tooling in WebSphere Studio. He is an IBM Senior Technical Staff Member, a member of the Canadian Excellence Technical Community, an affiliate of the IBM Academy of Technology, and an initial member of the original Eclipse Hyades project. He has written several articles on test and performance tooling, as well as contributed to several OMG RFPs related to data access, and has been a frequent speaker at conferences. He has been an IBM employee since 1974 starting in the hardware and microcode support area, before spending time in the field before moving to R&D. Prior to working on WebSphere Studio, he was the lead for distributed processing and database tooling for VisualAge for C++. He was a contributor to JSR 47 and JSR 165, and holds many patents in the areas of data model, test tools and performance analysis. Harm is a member of the PMC and is the TPTP representative to the Eclipse Architecture Council.

Project Leaders and Group Chairpersons

Valentina Popescu
Valentina Popescu is a senior development manager at the IBM Toronto Lab, where she is leading a team contributing to the TPTP project. She has been involved in a number of projects, such as IBM Component Broker, WebSphere Application Developer, the TPTP project, and Autonomic Computing. Valentina is an IBM Senior Advisory Analyst, a member of the Canadian Excellence Technical Community, and an initial member of the original Eclipse Hyades project. She has written several articles on performance tooling and co-authored a recently published IBM Press book – An Introduction to Rational Application Developer, A Guided Tour. Valentina serves as the Chairperson of the TPTP Architecture Group.

Guru Nagarajan
Guru Nagarajan is an architect for Intel Software Development Products at Intel Corporation. He started with Intel in 2003 on enabling enterprise software on Intel architectures and is currently a member of the software development tools team. Guru has been a committer of TPTP project since 2004 and has contributed and lead development of Execution Framework, Data Collection Framework, and New Java Profiler in TPTP project. Prior to joining Intel, he was an architect specializing in Databases, Web Services and J2EE development. During the course of his career he was also part of two exciting startups where he led product requirements and development. He has a Bachelor of Engineering from Osmania University, India and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. Guru serves as the Project Lead for the TPTP Tracing and Profiling Project

Paul Slauenwhite
Paul Slauenwhite is an advisory software developer at the IBM Toronto Lab working on Automated Software Quality (ASQ) tooling. After receiving a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Dalhousie University, Paul joined IBM in 2000 and worked on WebSphere Object Level Trace (OLT) project. In 2001, he joined the IBM WebSphere Studio Team and developed logging and tracing technologies. Paul moved to the Eclipse Hyades project as a project committer at its inception in 2002, focusing on log and trace data collection, and correlation. Since 2005, Paul has been a committer to the TPTP Testing Tools Project. He has a M. Math in Software Engineering from the University of Waterloo. Paul serves as the Project Lead for the TPTP Testing Tools Project and is the Chairperson of the TPTP Architecture Group.

Dave Smith
Dave Smith is a staff software developer at the IBM Toronto Lab working on Autonomic Computing (AC) Tools and Technologies project. He has been a committer for the TPTP and former Hyades Eclipse projects since their inception.  He is currently responsible for development of the Generic Log Adapter technology of TPTP.  In the past, he also contributed to the Profiling Agent and Agent Controller components of the TPTP Platform project.  Since joining IBM in 1987, Dave has worked on the development teams of various distributed computing and performance profiling products and projects.  Dave serves as the Project Lead for the TPTP Monitoring Tools Project.

Christophe Telep
Christophe Telep is a senior product manager at IBM Rational Software. Since 2002, he has worked on the Automated Software Quality products, focusing on the developer testing domain. Prior to IBM, Christophe spent eight years building software testing tools for embedded systems implemented by a variety of industrial companies. Christophe serves as the Project Lead for the TPTP Platform Project and servers as the Chairperson of the TPTP Requirements Group.