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[] Bjorn's excuses

Callisto Leaders,
My apologies for missing the call and my thanks to David and Ward for chairing and Tim for the minutes.  My excuse is as follows: I'm in Germany visiting European potential Eclipse members (interesting). There's a big winter snow storm going on in southern Germany - "the worst in 20 years". We got stuck on the autobahn behind a big accident in a blizzard for 2-3 hours. So we were late getting to the last appointment of the day. And then that guy turns out to love to talk and talk and talk. So we were really late getting out of there. So I missed the train to Frankfurt. The next train got me there at 5:06pm (the call started at 5pm). And then I couldn't find a wireless access point. Etc, etc.  Anyway, it would have worked - I would have been sitting at the desk, ready to dial in, but I wasn't...

I have posted the minutes. Please check the minutes for accuracy as I added a new first section (action items from the last meeting).

I also updated the Callisto web page. Again, please check the two new requirements. I also added the additional calls.

The room at the SJCC for Planning Council face-to-face meeting the Sunday before EclipseCon will be either the Camino Real or the Alameda (the Requirements Council will be meeting in the other one).


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