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RE: [] Reminder: Callistocoordination/planning call tomorrow

AI’s embedded for: Bjorn and David (search for your name).


Attending (with project representation):


Ward Cunningham (EMO)

John Graham (DTP)

David Williams (Update site)

Tim Wagner (WTP)

Doug Gaff (DSDP), lurking

David Orme, VE ?

Doug Schaefer CDT

Paul Styles Compuware


Rich Gronback GMF

Wenfeng Li, BIRT


Regrets: None known


Minutes (note that order is slightly different than posted agenda):


1. Status by Project: WTP migrating from M4 to M5 I-build this weekend, on track with one known issue to resolve (see GMF notes below), VE on track, DTP 3.2 update site ready and on track for M5 date, TPTP in code freeze for M5 this week and on track, CDT currently working against M4 and has some known issues with M5 I builds, but still expect to meet the M5 deadline. BIRT building and tests passing on M4, on track. GMF already on weekly I-builds, discovered property editor issue with WTP (which is still written against M4). David Williams to investigate and hopefully expedite to unblock GMF’s I-builds.


David Williams: Some projects sound like they won’t actually attempt platform M5 until it’s ready; need to be working against I-builds to ensure that deadline can be met.


2. [Inserted agenda item]. Update site issues.

David Williams: Have all the projects migrated to the 4-part version numbers? This will be needed by the Callisto update site. (The new 4th digit represents a build number or date/time stamp and cannot be correctly defaulted by the update manager if it’s missing.)

DTP: Not there yet, will be by M5.


See for information about versioning and on feature/plugin versioning policies. Other information is available from the links at the bottom of the Callisto Update Site Wiki page:


Ward: Can we have a deadline for meeting the 4-part version number requirement:

AI for David to provide a rolling schedule of deadlines to comply with requirement.

David: All projects must have their own update site, and these update sites *must* be functional before the Callisto update site can incorporate your project. The Callisto site will not replace these update sites, but will refer to them.

AI for Bjorn: Please add the 4-part version number and per-project update sites to the Callisto requirements list.


Update site update: Good news is that the update site prototype is working, bad news is that it doesn’t work on David’s home machine. David investigating with help from the update site team.


David Williams: Version number interpretation:

  • 1st digit: breaking API changes.
  • 2nd digit: Major functionality change; usually a major (non-service pack) release.
  • 3rd digit: Maintenance or service pack release.
  • 4th digit: Build # or timestamp


Platform is currently using “3.2.0” with an advancing fourth digit; WTP is currently using the convention of “1.0.1” with a fourth digit that advances with the builds.


3. Callisto commitments for cross-project testing and fixing


Ward: Test requirement: Member projects need to ensure that we verify installation and that there are no obvious blockers (not asking for serious commitment to lengthy interop testing). We need to avoid serious snafus so that the unveiling at EclipseCon and the bug contest will be meaningful.

EclipseCon will be a venue for announcing Callisto and requesting community assistance with testing. Will be using contest to help drive bug reports.

Suggest: Create a Callisto testing site/mailing list to bring attention and share information on donated interop test results. (Tim: Can we just create a mailing list and add a link to it to the Callisto home page?)


David: Let the minutes reflect that we are 100% committed in spirit.


4. Future calls: will resume this call in this time slot through Econ.

AI for Bjorn: Update Callisto site to reflect these meetings and send reminders.


5. Sunday 19th f2f meeting in Santa Clara: 10-noon (AC meeting is 1-4; no word on when RC meets)

AI for Bjorn: Tell this group where to meet at the SCCC.


6. 125276: No comments (Tim indicated that he commented directly in the bug.)


7. Minutes.

AI for Bjorn: Can you post them?


From: [] On Behalf Of Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 3:04 PM
Subject: [] Reminder: Callistocoordination/planning call tomorrow


Time and phone number on the Callisto page.
The minutes from the last call have been posted.
The agenda for tomorrow is:
1. Callisto status by project?
2. Callisto commitments for cross-project testing and fixing?
3. bug 125276
4. Future calls.

5. Meeting plans for EclipseCon f2f.


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