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[] Planning Council Agenda (revised)

Planning Council Members, David, Doug, Ed, Randy,
Here is a revised agenda for our meeting that starts tomorrow.

The schedule for the meetings returns to the "Portland style":

  Tuesday 13 Wednesday 14 Thursday 15
am Requirements   Plenary w/ Board Planning
pm Architecture 1/2 Architecture 2/2
eve Group dinner w/ Board    

You've all already made hotel reservations, but just in case you forgot where it is, the hotel is the Serrano Hotel, 405 Taylor Street, San Francisco

Action Items From Last Meeting
  • [Bjorn FB] Standard website content. (see below)
  • [Bjorn FB] Status reporting format (see below)
  • [Bjorn FB] Update guidelines - half done.
  • [Bjorn FB] Bugzilla emails showing up on Google.

I have these goals for the Planning Council next week: [leader]
  1. (15 minutes) [All] Choose a time for monthly Planning Council/Callisto calls. I think it is extremely important that we, collectively, make sure that we're doing enough coordination for Callisto. Kevin invited everyone to join the Platform calls, but I think that we need a bit more than that.
  2. (30 minutes) [All] Understand the new /project-info/ directory and PHP ProjectInfo class. Documentation here. These two will create the "four standard left nav links" requested last meeting and they will auto-gen the Roadmap pages and they provision various bits of the website (the projects page, the dashboard, etc).
  3. (3 hours) [All] Formalize the time line for Callisto. As Tim suggested "written details on scheduling, timing, ramp down process, etc.". The goal for this meeting is to produce a published definitive plan that we will make available at the url
The Callisto Simultaneous Release plan needs:
  • A description of Callisto. A description of the goals.
    • I believe the goal is a "simultaneous release of all the Callisto projects". Others may think the goal is "an integrated release of all the Callisto projects". These are different goals so we need to be careful what we are setting out to do. (An integrated release implies that each of the projects is integrated with the other N-1 projects; a simultaneous release just implies that project N will work on top of its simultaneously released dependencies, but does not say anything about integration with its siblings.)
    • Kevin also suggested that we need "a better download page ... and ... using the update manager" for Callisto - is this one of the goals?
  • The list of Callisto projects. I think the list is:
  • Links to the project plans of each of the Callisto projects.
  • Dependency structure amongst the Callisto projects (probably a nice diagram).
  • The milestone and release candidate dates for each of the +0, +1, and +2 projects.
  • Conference calls dates and times and call-in numbers for Callisto planning and coordination.
    • Minutes of the conference calls
  • An agreed-upon dispute resolution strategy. Perhaps dispute is too strong a word? What I mean is that if project A files a bug B against project C, where bug B is blocking A, and then C says "not going to fix", then bug B is preventing Callisto from shipping - how are we going to resolve these situations when they arise?

Group Dinner Tuesday Night
1830 cocktails, 1900 dinner at the Ponzu Restaurant (at the hotel). Those of you who pre-registered for dinner know who you are. Those of you who didn't - well, there aren't any seats left in the dining area, sorry.

Plenary Session Wednesday Morning
0800 - 0830: Continental Breakfast
0830 - 1000: Steven O'Grady (Redmonk): Building Communities
1000 - 1015: Break
1015 - 1100: Topic Leader: Mike Norman
I'm very interested in interoperability amongst projects, not just in terms of interop through the platform, but interop with each other.  There are related issues of re-use, packaging, release trains, quality etc.  There's a balance to be struck between a top-down and a bottom-up model. This is something that I think would be a useful area for the board to flesh out a policy.  However, it's not really for EMO execution, more something that is in scope of the Councils, so it ends up back with the member organizations, with EMO facilitation.
1100 - 1200: Topic Leader: Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Currently, the Board and the Projects see the development process differently. The Board wants protection; the Projects want freedom; each side needs to understand that there is value in the other's view and that some middle ground is going to be the best solution.
Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Director, Open Source Process
Eclipse Foundation
voice:  971-327-7323 (PST, UTC-8)
email:  bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx

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