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[] Proposal to establish the Eclipse SparkPlug working group


A proposal has been made to establish the Eclipse Sparkplug Working Group [1]. 

The aim of the working group is to support the creation, evolution and adoption of a new open specification and compatibility program for SCADA controllers through the Eclipse Sparkplug specification. This specification defines standards for payloads, topic structures and session management on the top of MQTT. Eclipse Sparkplug will drive the evolution and broad adoption of the Sparkplug protocol and related technologies that enable the creation of open, interoperable, Industrial IoT solutions. 

The working group will:
  • Promote the "Eclipse Sparkplug" brand and its value in the marketplace.
  • Provide vendor neutral marketing and other services to the Eclipse Sparkplug ecosystem.
  • Define and manage a specification process to formalize the specifications that are defined within the scope of this working group.
  • Define compatibility rules, a TCK and a compatibility and branding process for implementations of these specifications to ensure application portability.
  • Establish and drive a funding model that enables this working group and its community to operate on a sustainable basis.

The proposed charter [1]  for this working group is available for review.   If you have any comments or feedback on the proposed charter, please send them to the working group mailing list [2].  All Members of the Eclipse Foundation are invited to join and participate in this working group. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to the mailing list [2].  Based on the feedback and level of interest, the working group will be officially created later this year.  

Please feel free to contact me directly, or the mailing list, if you have any questions.



Paul White
VP, Member Services | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
+1.613.852.4303 (mobile)

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