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[] Proposal to establish the Eclipse Cloud Development Working Group


A proposal has been made to establish the Eclipse Cloud Development Working Group [1].

The goal of the Eclipse Cloud Development Tools Working Group is to drive the evolution and broad adoption of de facto standards for cloud development tools, including language support, extensions, and developer workspace definition. In addition, the group will explore the impacts and optimizations for running developer tools in a cloud environment, including scale out / scale-to-zero execution of compute-intensive tasks like CI and testing.

The working group will:

  • Engage with the Eclipse and broader developer community to ensure broad adoption of emerging standards for cloud-based developer tools
  • Coordinate interoperability work on Language Server Protocol (LSP), Debug Adapter Protocol (DAP), and other developer tool protocols (workspace lifecycle management, source control, continuous integration infrastructure, user management, etc), and propose evolutions to these protocols for additional use-cases
  • Define requirements for running developer workspaces, including runtime environments and developer tools, in a Cloud Development Environment
  • Promote the adoption of developer tool plugins to Eclipse Cloud Developer projects
  • Collaborate on the joint promotion of standards adoption among Eclipse Cloud Developer projects

The proposed charter [1]  for this working group is available for review.   If you have any comments or feedback on the proposed charter, please send them to the working group mailing list [2].  All Members of the Eclipse Foundation are invited to join and participate in this working group. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to the mailing list [2].  Based on the feedback and level of interest, the working group will be officially created later this quarter. 

Please feel free to contact me directly, or the mailing list, if you have any questions.



Mike Milinkovich

Executive Director | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.



+1.613.220.3223 (m)

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