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Dear Eclipse Foundation Members and Committers,

The recent vote of the Membership at Large is now closed. I am pleased to announce the motion carried, with 96% voting in favor of the motion.

As a result, the Foundation can now accommodate government agencies who intend to join as members and to participate in the Foundation's working groups, but who were otherwise unable to join as they were legally precluded from entering into agreements that stipulate New York state as the governing law.

As noted in our earlier communications, the only change enacted is to now permit the Foundation to amend the governing law aspect of the membership agreement for these government agencies - no other changes are being made to the terms of the agreement.

We will now proceed with engaging with these government agencies, and look forward to their contributions to our community.

I want to thank all of you who took the time to vote. Your continued participation in matters such as these is appreciated.

Should you have any questions regarding this change, please don't hesitate to contact either myself or Andrew Ross, our Director of Ecosystem Development at andrew.ross@xxxxxxxxxxx.

Mike Milinkovich
+1.613.220.3223 (mobile)

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