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Invitation: Annual Eclipse Market Study

Dear Eclipse Foundation Member,

How are things going in the Eclipse arena? Who's using it?...for what? what industries?...and what do they plan to do with Eclipse next year? 

This is your invitation to get the answers to those questions and more by participating in the annual Eclipse Market Research Study. Every year since 2005 the Eclipse Foundation and member companies have worked with a major market research company (Forrester Research this year) to gather market intelligence useful in making business decisions on Eclipse-related topics.

I can't say it better than the new Eclipse Board Strategy Committee...

"We - the Strategy Committee - want to encourage all of you to support and to subscribe to the Eclipse market study this year. 
There can not be any valid strategy without verification by the market. The annual Eclipse Market Study is a very important instrument for acquiring market feedback. From the results of this study, both the Eclipse Foundation and its group members will identify market trends relevant for future, strategic initiatives and measure the success of past initiatives..."

Best regards,
Ed, Dennis, Mike M. and Ricco 
(Members of the Strategy Committee)

Because the cost of the study is shared by the Foundation and subscriber members the cost is minimal. Where else can you get $50,000 worth of professional market research for $1.2k to $8k (depending on the size of your company, see attached Market Study Agreement for details)? The study is kicking off soon and we're looking for your commitment to participate by subscribing. In addition to getting the full results of the study, subscribers are encouraged to make input to the content of the research questionnaire. If you're interested I'd be happy to send you a copy of last year's questions.

Please look over the attached agreement and contact me if you have any questions. We would appreciate your commitment to the study by July 28 so we can get started with the research. Thanks for your consideration!

Mike Taylor
Eclipse Add-in Provider Board Member
Instantiations Inc.
(503) 598-4911
Eclipse Productivity. Enterprise Quality.

Attachment: Market Study Agreement 2008.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

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