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Re: [] Rejection notes


looks like the website is down. I tracked


Le 27/08/2014 18:28, Anne a écrit :
Hi Dominique, you need to edit the talk and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the "Decline reasons" box, and be sure to click Save after writing the comment. At least this is the only way I've seen to do it. PC members have permission to edit any talk. 


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On Aug 27, 2014, at 8:46 AM, Dominique Toupin <dominique.toupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


It is not clear to me where we need to write the rejection comment, do we select “Program Committe comment” and put “Decline Comment” in the subject?


From: [] On Behalf Of Achim Lörke
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Subject: [] Rejection notes


Hi all,


Since the number of volunteers for the rejection notes was somewhat underwhelming I added names to the column, based on the lowest personal vote for the proposal.  Please add a rejection note to the submission system, using the proposals marked with a “done” as a guideline. The idea of this notes is to give some dort of feedback and , if possible, helpful hints to get better proposals in the future and to make the speaker feel better about the rejection.


Once you have added a note please add a “:done” to the field.


The accept/reject/waiting emails will be send on Friday, 29th. Please fill in the notes until Thursday so that I can check that all is setup correctly on Friday.


Thank you





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