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[] Topics for today's call

Hi all,​

(sort of) agenda for today's call:

1) I would like to discuss the results of the screening, especially if we should drop a few proposals.

2) Furthermore I want to finalize the tutorial selection as much as possible.

Not everyone has finished putting in the votes. Please do so a.s.a.p.

For those like me who don't check the tabs on a spreadsheet, there is a separate sheet for tutorials (surprisingly named "tutorials" in contrast to the "standard talks" tab). Please enter your vote for the tutorials listed there. This sheet has no pre-selection, this is the final vote.

And one correction (thanks Anne for pointing this out), quoting directly from Anne's email:


Total talks = 105
25 OSGi talks
5 Early-birds
2 Director’s Picks

So the ECE PC chooses at least 73 regular talks, plus some of the OSGi slots. So somewhere around 80 talks, exact number TBD, depending on OSGi’s recruiting of more talks, and/or using some of the slots for sponsored talks.


Since the early birds are still in the list (and will continue to be there to not forget about them), we have 125 proposals remaining. I contacted the PQD program committee about moving some of their rejected talks over to the regular program if we cannot find enough good talks.



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