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Re: [] and some more information

Hi all — we will have either six or seven tutorials in the program. 

OSGi chooses one, so that means the ECE PC chooses five or six.

Two of the tutorial rooms are large (180, 132), two are medium-sized (69, 54), and the others are small (25, 24, 24).

Anne Jacko
Eclipse Foundation
503-784-3788 (cell)

On Aug 12, 2014, at 4:53 AM, Achim Lörke <Achim.Loerke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi again,

the sheet for the tutorials is available now. There is no preselection, so please just state your vote on the tutorials (range 1 to 10) and remember not to vote for yourself or someone from your company or project (on both sheets).

- Achim

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