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Re: [] Agenda for call on Friday


Regarding the keynotes, the goal usually is to have very exiting keynotes early in the morning to ensure people get out of bed.

Maybe the keynotes are not existing enough or people drink too much at night, either way I don’t have a good solution, I don’t mind having them after lunch but the problem will then be the attendance for the first talks of the day…


For the hackaton, I agree it is a good idea but it has to come from the community, if IoT wants to organize a hackaton I will be highly supportive of this initiative.

I think hackaton are highly beneficial for projects, in the future we should maybe put a hackaton category when people submit a talk?




My early bird picks:


Cool entertaining talk

(could also be this one


Good Eclipse Showcase


IoT realted

(or this one if the above talk was already presented




From: [] On Behalf Of Achim Lörke
Sent: July-31-14 11:52 AM
To: Eclipsecon Program Committee list
Subject: [] Agenda for call on Friday


Hi all,


tomorrow will be the call to select our early bird picks. Please remember to send your five favorite talks until 15:00h to me​. I will put together a list of the votes and we can discuss this on the call. Keep in mind not to select tutorials (only standard talks) and no talks for the OSGi and Project Quality Day tracks since these guys do their own picks.


There are a few topics I'd like to get your opinion:


Should the keynotes be the first talks of the day  (like the last years) or should they be moved closer to noon/lunch? EC France did the keynotes just before lunch (at least Ralph told me) and that was well received.


Should we actively try to get a Hackathon organized or should we wait for someone proposing one? The Hackathon would need some volunteers from the community to be planned and mentored at ECE. There is currently some work going on providing "hacking" challenges in the IoT domain, so there may be some collision between this events.


Let me know if you want to discuss something else.


See you tomorrow (17:30h CEST)





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