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Re: [] Agenda for call on Friday

I know that some of the long time attendees of ECE just avoid keynotes.
(all of them) They rather do 1 hour longer drinking at the bar and then
sleep an hour longer than attend a keynoteŠ.

So maybe not a big deal that the number attending in the morning at
keynotes is less. For that reason I also prefer keynotes at the morning.
As an alternative we could also do them as the last session of a dayŠ..

For a Hackethon I think that requires a lot of committment so we should
wait for someone who is willing to commit. Pinging people privatly who had
done Hackethons in the past and asking is not a bad thing and we could do
that additionallyŠ.


Am 01.08.14 12:00 schrieb "Martin Lippert" unter <mlippert@xxxxxxxxx>:

>> Should the keynotes be the first talks of the day  (like the last
>>years) or should they be moved closer to noon/lunch? EC France did the
>>keynotes just before lunch (at least Ralph told me) and that was well
>Both ways work just fine for me. I don¹t prefer a specific option here.
>I¹ve seen both ways at conferences and they are both fine from my point
>of view.
>> Should we actively try to get a Hackathon organized or should we wait
>>for someone proposing one? The Hackathon would need some volunteers from
>>the community to be planned and mentored at ECE. There is currently some
>>work going on providing "hacking" challenges in the IoT domain, so there
>>may be some collision between this events.
>I tend to wait for someone proposing one.
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