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[] ECE Meetings and Proposals

Hi all,

This is just a reminder that the ECE is coming closer and that we will have to get to work soon.

Currently there are only a few proposals in the submission system. So we need to get the word out that we need more talks, especially since the early bird date is only two weeks away.

And that leads directly to our next meeting on August 1st,  18:00h CEST. I know that it is on a Friday, but it will be a short call where we decide on the early bird selections. Please send in your favorites (list of up to 5 entries, best first) to me until 16:00h CEST so that I can sort through the entries and prepare a list to discuss.

If time permits and there is enough interest and we have something finalized until then I might give you an update about the IoT event at ECE.





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