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[] update on the talk about "Making the Eclipse IDE fun again"


A while ago we decided to join the talk from Michael Scharf (about "Why I am not using Eclipse anymore") with my submission (titled "Making the Eclipse IDE fun again") and we concatenated the titles and abstracts. I also mentioned that Max Rydahl Andersen (RedHat) and Gunnar Wagenknecht (Tasktop) wanted to join this session as well and we all agreed that this would be fine.

After having the first call with them in order to prepare the talk we decided to consolidate the title and the abstract back to just a single one, mostly using my old submissions title and abstract. We all agreed on this in order to give this talk the positive and constructive shape that I indended for my submission a while ago (instead of going with Michaels title, which sounded quite destructive).

Therefore I went ahead and changed all this in the submission system. I also included Max and Gunnar as speakers on this talk. Hope you are all fine with this.


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