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[] ECE Schedule


The schedule is still not complete, but most of it is done. I love to get some feedback from most of you (if not all) to make sure that we all agree on the current one.

The way I did this was from the top to the bottom (super rating -> not so good rating) I distributed rooms from large to smaller. So when you had a 6.8 rating you very much likely get a pretty small room.

I also checked that speakers dont overlap and topics are fairly distributed. Not two M2M talks at the same time. I didnt really yet check for second speakers (if there is an overlap). Some speakers had proposals and wishes for certain days or times and I included those too.

If you suggest a change for a certain talk please do so. I have set the schedule Google doc itsself on readonly (for a good reason :-) ) so please do it on the mailing list.

Its ok, if you also propose changes for your own talks or talks of your collegue. No problem.

It would be really cool if you also fit one or more spots that a certain talk could swap to. Swap this talk with this. So you proposal should contain

  • what talks to swap
  • a reason (too large room, too small room, overlapping interested attendees with parallel talk etc….)
  • be cautious about moving for overlapping content reasons and then proposing a larger room :-) (include a reason, why this needs a larger room then its ok) (I remember that happened a few times last year ….)

However I dont want to stop anyone. :-) I dont mind getting many requests if that makes it a better program.

looking forward to hear from you guys


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