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Re: [] Average feedback on talks

I think thats a great idea. So showing the top 3 or 5 is a good thing.....

There are two concerns I have:

1. Having a 4.6 (as an example) with 2 votes is totally different from 4.6. with 20 votes. We might want to have a minimum number of votes (4, 7, 10 whaever) before a talk is considered as getting into the top 5. (These rules can be public)

2. As much as I love Ian's blog :-) , posting the 5 top scorer there or on the eclipse website is not the same as calling the speakers up on stage in the closing session. That would be really cool, I believe.

Maybe we can work on making that happen in future EclipseCon's.


Am 10.11.2011 um 19:07 schrieb Ian Skerrett:

As an idea, would the PC like to recognize the 'top' speakers, something like the JavaOne rock stars?

On 11/10/2011 9:56 AM, Christopher Guindon wrote:
Hello everyone,

I've create a page for the PC to review the average result for each talk. You can access this page using the following URL :

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or feedback!

Thank you

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