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[] coupon code for ECE registration

Hi all,

Normally I don't post coupon codes, but since this one has only eight uses, and there are eight of you, it seems safe.

Here are registration instructions for the ECE PC members. It will be great to see you all in Ludwigsburg!

If you have any questions/problems with registration, please email registration@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and Britta will help you. Thanks.

To redeem your complimentary pass for serving on the program committee, please register using the instructions below.
1.            Go to:
2.            Enter in your last name and email address.
3.            Enter the following coupon code below your email address: PROGCOM
4.            If you're an alumni, enter the password you used the previous year and click "Continue Registering"
5.            Complete the rest of your registration information. You should not be asked to submit payment. If you are, please email registration@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for an adjustment.


Anne Jacko
Eclipse Foundation
503-784-3788 (cell)

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