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[] Chat Service - Automatic Extra Permission Assignment for Project Leads and Request of Room/Space Creation with MR!


By the end of this week, a synchronization script will be deployed to the production instance of the chat service.

Automatic Extra Permission Assignment for Project Leads

This script will allow all project leads to get extra permissions for the rooms and spaces of their projects.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of permissions provided by this automatic synchronization:

  • Send invitations

  • Change room topic

However, the following default moderator permissions have been removed:

  • Setting/changing

    • Room name

    • Room avatar

    • Room Alias (main address)

    • Kick, ban users

    • Delete messages.

IMPORTANT: Only project leads using an eclipse account and not a federated account will obtain extra permissions. An evolution needs to be done in Eclipse API in order to match an eclipse account with an matrix id account owned by a federated server. 

Request as Code for Room/Space

Furthermore, the script allows defining rooms and spaces as code for projects. You can now submit requests via MR (Merge Request) in GitLab using the following file:

Find project configuration documentation which allows to configure room/space as code.

The documentation has been updated accordingly to provide information regarding the configuration file and the workflow to follow. (see FAQ Request for Room/Space)

Requests on the support helpdesk are still valid, using the following template:

NOTE: The implementation of this script requires inviting a bot into the rooms/spaces:, which will handle all automated tasks. So, no need to worry about its presence.

If you encounter any issues after the script is deployed, please feel free to interact directly in the chat service support channel: 

Thank you for your attention.

PS: The source code for the synchronization script is available at this address:

Sébastien Heurtematte
Release Engineer | Eclipse Foundation
Eclipse Foundation: The Platform for Open Innovation and Collaboration

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