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[] Project websites moving to

Hi Everyone, 

  I wanted to remind you all that we will be moving project websites from to over the next couple of months as part of our plan[1] to shutdown our existing Gerrit and Bugzilla services, as well as generally modernising things.

We will add redirects as appropriate so there should be no(or very little) disruption or action required from you.  Over the summer we will file an issue with affected projects to arrange moving their website repository from our Gerrit instance to either our Gitlab instance(the default) or Github.

If your project is not using it's website repository(ie: it has the default initial content), we will simply replace it with a redirect to the PMI[2].  For those projects they can request a website repository in the future simply by filing an issue[3] requesting one.

Also, from now on requests for new code repositories will be created on Gitlab or Github.  New Gerrit based repositories are no longer available, with some exceptions for legacy needs.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us either directly via email to webmaster or by filing an issue[3].


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