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Re: [] Heads up: JFrog is terminating Bintray and JCenter

Hi Fabio,

One more experimental but more promising approach:
You can totally use whchever (eg Sonatype OSSHR) Maven repository to deploy to deploy your artifacts (bundles, features...) the pure Maven way (eg `mvn deploy`). Then you can build a p2 repo that references those artifacts from Maven and use the new shiny remap-artifacts-to-m2-repo ( ) to make your p2 repository just reference Maven artifacts. Then you only have to care about publishing a content.xml/artifact.xml couple; those can for example fit in a GitHub repository.
There are limitations, drawbacks and so on; especially since the remap mojo is only 2-days-old, but it has the potential of greatly simplifying p2 repo hosting as it basically becomes rmuch closer to egular Maven artifacts hosting.
If you're more curious or have more questions, please join the tycho-user@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing-list.


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