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Re: [] Maintenance announcement: Sunday, Apr 5 6:00am EDT

That's great news!


From:        Denis Roy <denis.roy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        30.03.2020 20:13
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] [] Maintenance announcement: Sunday,        Apr 5 6:00am EDT
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Following the outage that occurred February 7, 2020[1], we've put in place a plan to help avoid such outages in the future.
Part of that plan is to replace the old hardware that failed, and replace old hardware that could fail. We've acquired two new servers and two new firewalls, and all that will be coming online soon.
What's coming
The new backend servers will feature multi-master LDAP authentication services. Authentication requests will become fault-tolerant, and with active  database replication, the replication issues that affected so many accounts last February will not happen again. File Servers are equipped with 10-Gigabit Ethernet, for much needed backend capacity.
The new firewalls, featuring 10-Gigabit Ethernet, will replace our current Gigabit components. They will be configured in hot-standby, offering fault tolerance at the edge of our network.
A new Infra Services Status page, which will replace, will allow us to better communicate -- and allow you to be better informed of -- outages, incidents, and planned maintenance.

Planned maintenance
Sunday, April 5 2020 6:00am EDT:there will be sporadic outages for about 2 hours across many of our Tier I services[2] while we migrate backend data storage and authentication services to the new devices.
Later in April 2020: there may be noticeable connection cuts when the new firewalls are put into production. Chances are, this will be imperceptible to most of our users.
Later in April 2020: the new https://status.eclipse.orgpage will be launched.

What you can do to help
Please help clean up your and areas. This is so important! If you need assistance, please file a bug[3].

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we upgrade these key components of our infra. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Denis Roy

Director, IT Services | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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