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Re: [] Committers Agreement Open Ended

If it were a different foundation, I would be cautious, but eclipse has always in my esteem acted in good faith. That being said, I am all for a re-wording or clarification. If this scares someone enough to email about it, it probably scares 10 people we haven't heard of.



From: <> on behalf of Peter Kriens <peter.kriens@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2019 9:14:14 AM
Subject: [] Committers Agreement Open Ended
I am asked to sign a new committers agreement like I guess all of us.

I read the agreement and it contains this section that worries me:


This is basically an open ended agreement, to be amended by the foundation anytime. Are there more committers worried about such an agreement or am I overly cautious?

Kind regards,

Peter Kriens

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