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[] Draft announcement: New Simrel "BuildMaster"


Apologies for those on all lists -- I want to cover as much ground as I
can with this announcement.

Effective immediately, Frederic Gurr (the Eclipse Foundation's release
guru) will assume the responsibilities of the Simrel "Build Master".  In
short, he is taking over a job that has been operated by David Williams
for a long, long time. David and Fred have been working on a transition
of sorts for months now.

Fred will continue to use the cross-project mailing list as the central
for announcements and release train coordination, and will use the
cbi-dev mailing list to discuss SimRel build operations.

The SimRel build is an important part of the Eclipse community.  I
encourage anyone and everyone who can help by subscribing to cbi-dev[1]
and to help make sure the builds run as smoothly as possible.




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