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Re: [] Changes to

We're already using reCaptcha on the form and that didn't seem to be stopping them.  As for increasing the difficulty or adding more questions that just changes 'where' the start of peoples unwillingness to file bugs begins.

In the end the best long term solution is a moderation extension for Bugzilla.  We've been in contact with the bugzilla dev team about such a plugin, so we'll have to see where it goes.

For now this solution seems like the 'least of all evils'.


On 04/11/16 12:27 PM, Leo Ufimtsev wrote:
Is it possible to add harder verification questions? Like very complex image questions or random questions that require some thought?

Having to request permission to post bugs will reduce people's willingness to go through the effort and submit bug reports...

Leo Ufimtsev
Software Engineer, Eclipse team.
Toronto, Canada

Red Hat, Inc.

On Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 11:52 AM, Matthew Ward(Bt. Kt. SSA.) <matt.ward@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  As you may be aware due to large amounts of spam on bugzilla we've had
to delay the account creation process.  This has clearly become
unworkable and so we are going to use a different solution.

Effective 1pm (EDT) November 4th(today) all new accounts that want to
file bugs will need to contact Webmaster to request permission. A notice
will be posted to bugzilla to make sure that new users are informed of
this requirement.

Current users should not experience any issues, but please contact us if
you encounter problems.


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