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[] NNTP, OpenID, USS, ECA and other TLA?

If you've read my previous address [1], this is a continuation of that
same theme to help keep you informed on what's new and what's going on.

== NNTP ==
On Aug. 31, we are shutting down NNTP for good. Please see:

== OpenID ==
Your awesome webdev team, led by Christopher Guindon, has rolled out an
oAuth/OpenID Connect provider.  Please see:

== USS ==
The Eclipse User Storage Service (USS) is a new service that allows
Eclipse projects to store user-specific project information on the
Eclipse Foundation servers.  Please see:

== ECA ==

We are making changes to the Contributor License Agreement. Please see:

== www ==

We are in the process of deploying three new database servers to help
sustain the demands on our main websites,, Wiki, Gerrit,
Bugzilla and MarketPlace.

== bandwidth ==

We will soon be replacing the single server that powers with a powerful new 4-node cluster that will be
faster, more capable and more resilient to additional load.  Stay tuned.

== Bugzilla ==

We haven't updated Bugzilla in a while, and that will change soon. We've
been creating new vservers to host the updated version.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.



*Denis Roy*
Eclipse Foundation, Inc. --

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