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[] Please welcome Derek Toolan and Frederic Gurr


Please join me in welcoming Derek Toolan and Frederic Gurr to the
Eclipse community, specifically to the webmaster team. Derek is new to
the webmaster team, assisting Matt and I in responding to webmaster
requests and supporting the infra.

Fred is replacing Mikael in the role of Release Engineer, build ninja
and Hudson/Jenkins guru.

The webmaster team's immediate focus is to bring Fred up to speed on all
things build and CBI.Our hopes are to rapidly stabilize the
infrastructure and catch up on the void created my Mikael's moving to
the FEEP/Eclipse Developer position.

Afterwards, Fred will work on moving CBI forward, including continuing
the initiatives that we began previously, such as signing improvements
and the usage of Jenkins as a HIPP alternative.

Derek is located in Ottawa, Canada.  Fred is located in Germany and
although he is replacing Mikael, Mikael's webmaster credentials are not
being revoked, providing the European community an additional touch
point in their time zone.

Welcome to the team, Derek and Fred!


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