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[] Fwd: Participation in a Gerrit code review study?

Greetings Eclipse Committers,

I've been invited to a Gerrit code review study and thought this might be useful for a lot more Eclipse committers. 

Begin forwarded message:

You are invited to participate in a study on code reviews. The overall objective of this research is to decrease the amount of time code reviews spend in the code review queue. We are looking for software developers that use the Gerrit code review tool.

Dr. Gail Murphy (murphy@xxxxxxxxx) and graduate student Mr. Giovanni Viviani(vivianig@xxxxxxxxx) form the University of British Columbia are conducting the study.

Participating in this study will require using a different interface to the Gerrit code review tool. Our tool will provide you the reviews in a different order. We will also monitor your interaction with Gerrit. This data will be gathered automatically while using our tool. At the start of the study, we will ask you to participate in an up to one hour interview about code reviews. We will also ask you to participate in an up to one hour interview after two weeks of use of the tool. The researcher(s) will take written notes during the interviews and the interviews will be audio-recorded. At no point in time will your employer have access to any data identifying your information or data.

If you are interested in participating please contact Mr. Viviani at vivianig@xxxxxxxxx by replying to this email and simply stating your name. You are free to stop participating in the study at any time without penalty.



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