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Re: [] Experience using GitHub verus Hosted Git

Too me the biggest advantage of Github is the ability to fork and do my own thing. There I can play around and choose what I contribute back using a PR and what I keep for myself. And sure enough I can update my fork with the lastest changes of the master repo and still keep my own stuff for myself. And I have a complete repo and can build from it.

Because sure enough not every PR is accepted by the committers…. (at least not every patch in bugzillla is merged in my experience :-) )


Von: <> on behalf of "Zivkov, Sasa" <sasa.zivkov@xxxxxxx>
Datum: Donnerstag, 31. März 2016 um 09:37
An: Stefan Oehme <st.oehme@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: "" <>
Betreff: Re: [] Experience using GitHub verus Hosted Git

From: Stefan Oehme <st.oehme@xxxxxxxxx>

Am 30.03.2016 um 11:42 schrieb Zivkov, Sasa <sasa.zivkov@xxxxxxx>:
Github's pull requests encourage the fix-up working style: if something needs to be fixed
it is usually done in a new commit on top of the existing commits in the pull request.

You can avoid that by rebasing and squashing commits in the PR as necessary.

Sure it is possible, but it is just not how majority of Github users work... because
fix-up style is the default. This is why I wrote "encourage".
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