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[] Project vservers at are going away


If your project owns or runs a virtual server (vserver) at,
please read this carefully.

A long time ago, we began offering a modest virtual server for projects
who wish to use infrastructure that we do no support.

As the years have gone by, needs have evolved where we're deploying
vservers of various flavours, and for various purposes other than for
projects, which is time consuming for the webmaster team and is a strain
on our hardware and network resources. On the same note, numerous cloud
providers now offer cloud-based servers.

I am therefore deprecating project and test vsevers at Eclipse, in
favour of standard VM instances on Google's Cloud platform.

Unfortunately, we need to be cookie-cutter here for our own efficiency
(and to keep costs low) and will limit the platforms and options that we

If you own a vserver at Eclipse, please read:

If you wish to migrate it to GCP, please :
1. Open a bug against Eclipse Foundation > Community > vservers to
   request a GCP instance
2. Make it a blocker of bug 484437
3. Migrate once your new vserver is provisioned.

If you have any questions or concerns, please file them on the bug.



*Denis Roy*
Director, IT Services
Eclipse Foundation, Inc. --

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