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Re: [] Infra update


I'd like to follow-up on two points I brought up in my last email blast:

==> Subversion
A quick reminder that SVN will be turned "off" in less than two months.

Thank you to the projects that have filed bugs. I believe the last few SVN projects are in the process of migrating to Git & Gerrit.

==> Downloads/Archives disk space
We've recently crossed the 75% usage threshold with
1TB left

My sincerest Thank You! for answering the call on this issue. Our downloads/archives footprint has been reduced by 1/2 a Terabyte, pushing our usage to 58%.

This also relieves much strain on our backups storage. All our data is backed up nightly, with weekly full backups and monthly offsite full backups. 1/2 TB reduction has a huge ripple effect on our backups. Thank you.

Thanks for reading. If there's anything your webmasters can do to make your lives as committers easier and more enjoyable, please don't hesitate to contact us at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx or via Bugzilla (Eclipse Foundation > Community).


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