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[] Infra update


I haven't posted an Infra update in a long time. I suppose "now" is a good time.

==> Subversion
A quick reminder that SVN will be turned "off" in less than two months. If your project is using SVN, please file a bug against Eclipse Foundation > Community > Git to being a migration plan.

There is one exception: the Subversive project will continue to host its main code repository on SVN (for obvious reasons). However, their website and other repos are in Git.

==> Downloads/Archives disk space
Nearly six years ago[1] we deployed a 4TB storage area for the downloads/archives. We've recently crossed the 75% usage threshold with 1TB left, so your webmasters have begun thinking about replacements. If there's anything you can do to "clean up", that is certainly appreciated

==> EclipseCon
It's always a great pleasure meeting with committers at EclipseCon. I'm always impressed by the breadth of technology showcased by our project teams. Your webmasters are determined to support you in pushing these technologies further. If there is anything we can do to help, please drop us a note at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.

==> Solstice and website new look
This quarter our web developers are finishing the website migration to the new Solstice theme[2]. The PMI[3] and Eclipse Marketplace[4] are on the agenda.

Thanks for reading!



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