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[] server upgrade, Hudson Instance Per Project, Hudson sandbox deprecated


Build upgrade
I'll be taking offline tomorrow, Saturday Sept. 7th at 8:00am Eastern time (in 21 hours from now) to upgrade the OS to the latest service level. This will affect jobs running on, hudson-slave2 as well as both signing services (queued and web-based). I don't expect the upgrade to take more than one hour, but you know how these things can sometimes go...  I will post to this list when the upgrade is completed.

Hudson Instance Per Project (HIPP)
Our deployment of a Hudson Instance Per Project (HIPP) is progressing well, as 10 projects are currently using the service. HIPP instances are isolated from the common Hudson and from each other, allow the usage of the Gerrit plugin and can optionally be configured to write directly to your downloads and/or code repositories for convenient publishing of build output.

For more information on HIPP, please see or request your own instance by filing a request against Eclipse Foundation > Community > Hudson.

Hudson Sandbox Deprecated
With the advent of HIPP, we're announcing the deprecation of the Hudson Sandbox.  Originally intended to be a Hudson instance for Webmasters to test upgrades and plugins, the sandbox has slowly evolved into a place where projects run production builds, yet ill-configured to do just that.

We haven't a shutdown date yet, but we won't be provisioning any new jobs on the Sandbox. If you have jobs running on the Sandbox, please migrate them to a HIPP instance or to the common Hudson instance at your convenience.  Please see this bug for more information on the Sandbox deprecation:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.


Eclipse Webmaster --

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