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[eclipse.org-committers] Eclipse hardware maintenance blitz


We have a few maintenance issues that we thought you'd like to know about.


All of our servers supporting www.eclipse.org, Bugzilla, Wiki, Marketplace, Orion & Orionhub will get some major RAM increases.  Matt and I will be performing those upgrades today.  Load-balanced/redundant services (bugzilla, www, wiki, marketplace) will not experience an outage.

OS Upgrades - build.eclipse.org and help.eclipse.org

We will be performing an OS upgrade on those two servers.  help.eclipse.org will likely happen tomorrow (Friday Aug. 30) and build.eclipse.org will be done on Sunday, Sept. 8 to minimize impact on your work.

Gerrit server - failed drive + more RAM

Our Gerrit server has a failed hard drive.  Unfortunately, the unit doesn't have hot-swappable hardware, so it will need to be taken down for approximately 30 minutes.  While we're in there, we'll be adding 4G of RAM.  We expect this downtime to occur tomorrow, Friday Aug 30 in the late afternoon (eastern time).

Bugzilla Upgrade

As discussed in bug 411599, I'll be upgrading Bugzilla on eclipse.org, polarsys.org and locationtech.org tomorrow, Friday Aug. 30 in the late morning (eastern time).  You can read the Bugzilla 4.4 release notes here: http://www.bugzilla.org/releases/4.4/release-notes.html

Thanks for your patience while we perform these upgrades.