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[] Eclipse CLA verification automated today!


As you may know, the Eclipse Foundation has been working on ways to reduce the barriers to accepting contributions from non-committers.  The Contributor License Agreement[1], which, in essence, removes your requirement to ask the Three Questions[2] on each and every bug, is another step towards that goal.

Signing a CLA was enabled last week, and anyone with an Eclipse Foundation account can sign a CLA right now[3].

Today, at 2:00pm Eastern (in about 2 hours) we will be checking the Authors of all the commit entries that come into Gerrit and Git.  An overview of the workflow is described here:

For more background on the CLA initiative, please see and these docs:

For committers:

For contributors:

Like with any initiative, there will be some growing pains, but in the end we feel the CLA will provide a much simpler mechanism for our contributors.

Like always, please feel free to post comments on the related bugs and ask questions by emailing us directly.


Denis & Wayne

[3] Login into then select “My Account”, and then the “Contributor License Agreement” tab.

Denis Roy

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