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[] Bugzilla, new Git hook for better collaboration


Our Bugzilla 4.0 upgrade, originally planned for Saturday, August 27, will be postponed until Indigo SR1 has shipped. tracks this effort.

We've implemented a new Git Hook that allows you to push commits from other committers on the same project for improved collaboration.  External (to the project) contributions must still be submitted to the usual Bugzilla/IPZilla channels. captures the riveting excitement.

As August erodes away and project activity picks up, our new File Servers have been laughing[1] at the load we've thrown at them.  We hope this has meant reduced build times and faster access to our services.  The two massive storage servers which contain and are still offline for hardware maintenance, but we expect them to be back in service shortly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment on the cited bugs or send us an email to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.


[1]  I know what you're thinking. Please don't  :)

Denis Roy

          Europe 2011

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