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[] Another outage?

Good morning,

This ride is getting bumpy.  Our 'main' 24-port switch froze early this morning (Eastern time) and took us totally offline.  My initial suspicion is that the power jolt caused by the faulty power supply earlier this week has perhaps affected other devices.

We've removed the faulty old switch from service and have connected everything to our newer 48-port switch.  We'll be investigating the faulty switch, as well as investigating the quality of the AC power entering the circuit where these devices are failing.

In the meanwhile, we're back up...  Please open bugs (after searching for duplicates -- thanks) for any issues you you come across.

Thanks for your patience while we struggle with these hardware outages.


Denis Roy
Director, IT Services
Eclipse Foundation, Inc. --
Office: 613.224.9461 x224 (Eastern time)

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