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[] Upcoming Reviews, Jan. 5-12/2011

Welcome to 2011 everybody!

A few of things before we get to the reviews...

First, the EMO Intellectual Property (IP) team is working very hard to
make sure that all of our IP needs are met. This time of year, reviewing
code for inclusion in the simultaneous release is their highest
priority. That means that other tasks must necessarily take a backseat.
Given the bandwidth constraints, we will not be doing any further
project moves until after the release in June. You should also expect
that other IP-related tasks like trademark reviews for new project names
will take longer than usual. We appreciate your patience and cooperation
in this high-intensity time of year.

Second, we have got most of the work done to provide Dash statistics for
Git-based repositories. Projects need to make sure that they list their
Git repositories in the "source repository" entry in the project
metadata (that's what we use to determine ownership of the various
repositories). I blogged about this yesterday [1]; you can find some
"how to" help there (I do intend to move this information to the wiki).

Finally, we are now able to make some of the "Friends of Eclipse" funds
available to projects. There is more information on the wiki [2].

In terms of reviews, we're starting off slow this year with only three
reviews planned for the week of Jan. 5-12. Specifically,

* EclipseLink Release 2.2.0;
* Libra Creation Review; and
* Web Tools Incubator Restructuring review.

The new Libra project will provide tools that integrate the existing WTP
tooling and PDE tooling in a way that OSGi Enterprise application can be
developed with both tooling at the same time. With the Web Tools
Incubator Restructuring we will move the JPA Diagram Editor out of the
incubator and into the Dali project.

You can find more information about these reviews on the "What's New"
page [3].




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