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[] Infra update: new hardware donations!


I am happy to report that we have received numerous hardware donations:

-> Google has donated 20,000 USD. The general mandate is 'to make committers happy'.
-> Intel has donated two new MySQL database servers, as well as eight servers for our websites,, downloads, etc.
-> IBM has donated two new X series servers to be used towards builds and testing.

With the added hardware, we will also be upgrading our 80 megabit Internet connection to a Gigabit-capable connection (limited to 100 megabits).  This will translate to lower packet latency, and available bandwidth will be increased 25% with much room to grow.

In the following weeks, Matt and I will work towards deploying this new hardware to relieve some of the congestion that occurs during peak times.  You can follow along with the upgrade plans and progress by watching for my posts on PlanetEclipse.  Any service changes or outages will be advised well in advance via this list.

A big THANK YOU goes to Google, Intel and IBM for the generous donations!


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