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[] CVS pserver change Friday, Dec. 11


Just a reminder that on Friday, December 11 we will be changing anonymous pserver to use a shadow copy of CVS [1]. The three goals of this change:

a) increase pserver performance by using hardware that is mostly idle
b) increase extssh performance since pserver and extssh will no longer use the same data source
c) reduce file lock contention between pserver and extssh, to ensure committer operations are not blocked by anonymous accesses

Exception: pserver access from inside the firewall ( itself,, project vservers) will still use the "live" data.

Currently, the shadow data source is synced immediately upon commit.  Therefore, in all likelyhood, pserver will still be adequate for running builds.  In fact, pserver may be much faster for your builds than ssh. Regardless, you can switch to using ssh for your builds by using SSH keys for passwordless authentication from your build scripts.  Please contact us directly if you need help setting up SSH keys for your account.

I'm hoping this change will restore some of the CVS performance we have lost over the last few months.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.



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