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[] Equinox and Platform bundles moving to Foundation 1.1

In the Ganymede release, many Equinox and Platform bundles targeted the J2ME Foundation 1.0 class library profile. For the next release, several bundles are considering moving up to the Foundation 1.1 profile. This is under consideration for a number of reasons:

 - The Foundation 1.0 profile is very old - proposed in 1999, initially released in 2001 and reached end of life in 2006. It is no longer maintained, and we believe most J2ME users have moved up to at least Foundation profile 1.1 to take advantage of bug fixes and new capabilities
 - The OSGi R4.2 specification is releasing a new OSGi Minimum Execution Environment 1.2 which is a subset of J2SE 1.4 and Foundation 1.1. The OSGi R4.2 APIs (e.g org.osgi.* packages) will require the OSGi Minimum Execution Environment 1.2 or higher. This will prevent running on a pure Foundation 1.0 profile class library. Equinox is planning to adopt the R4.2 APIs in the Galileo release.
 - We have a real need for some of the APIs in Foundation 1.1, particularly, and the ability to chain exceptions
 - There are no freely available Foundation 1.0 class libraries that we know of, which makes it difficult for our committers to validate that we can in fact run in this environment

We would like to know if anyone still has a need for running on Foundation 1.0, and whether there is any concern about moving some Equinox and Platform bundles up to Foundation profile 1.1. Note that this does not imply a wholesale move of all bundles to Foundation 1.1. We only intend to move up bundles as the need arises.  However, because bundles such as org.eclipse.equinox.common are looking to move, it will effectively end the ability to run non-trivial Equinox/OSGi-based applications in a Foundation 1.0 environment in the Galileo release. Please provide feedback on this proposed move in the following bug:

The Equinox Team

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